Headlands International Dark Sky Park Program Series, 8-9 PM

Satellites, Starlink, and Space Junk with Aurelian Balan – Headlands International Dark Sky Park – 7/11/24 – 8pm –
9pm –

Remember gazing at the Milky Way and wishing on a shooting star? You might be wishing on a SpaceX Starlink
satellite instead! The number of satellites orbiting Earth is skyrocketing, driven by ambitious projects and growing
demand for global internet access, Earth observation, and scientific research. This new space race is changing the face
of the night sky, but what does it mean for us here on Earth? Join Aurelian Balan, Professor of Physics and Astronomy
at Delta College, for a fascinating presentation exploring the satellite boom, its impact on our planet, and the
challenges and advances it presents. Learn about the constellations of the future, the race for the final frontier, and
what it means for the stars we wish upon. Don’t miss this chance to get your head in the clouds and look up at the
fascinating future unfolding above you! https://www.facebook.com/events/1556046298531936